2011 Et le parc comme tout le reste était désert / And the gardens as anything else were deserted

1.Installationsbild svart bakgrundInstallation view, Swissart Award, Basel(CH), 2011
I made this installation especially for the show Swissart Award: It consisted of ; three paintings shown on walls painted in black,  two sculptures in scale 1:1 together with a text inspired from the movie Last Year in Marienbad written on the wall and a fourth painting.

Et le parc comme tout le reste était désert.detaljEt le parc comme tout le reste était désert, oil and pigments on linen, 190 x 130 cm, 2010-2011

inst.bild med interiör.bloggen

Installationsbild stativ svaner

stativ, målningen och strålkastarenInstallation views, Swissart Award, Basel(CH), 2011

Yet, they were those walls surrounding me,
united, smooth, dark-colored
Yet, they were those walls and the silence (pause)

Empty galleries, stairs, paintings in dark colors,
False doors, false columns, false outputs

…And the gardens as anything else, were deserted (silence)

Det är bromasarna mot asfalten som viskar till mig

They were those walls and the silence , tempera and oil on linen, 56 x 44 cm, 2010

tomrummet detaljTomrummet som plötsligt är där…Annars så kopierat, bara kulissen utbytt(Suddenly an empty space..Only the backdrops have been changed), oil and pigment on linen, 61 x 46 cm, 2010

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